The Basics of Clipper Blade Care

The first step to preserving the lifespan of your clipper blade is consistently bathe and brush your pup prior to clipping. Not only will this help provide your pup with a stress and tangle free clip, but will help keep your blade from having to work in overdrive to power through dirt, debris, and mats.

Additionally, your post-groom cleaning routine is just as important. Properly cleaning, disinfecting, and oiling your blade is vital in the preservation of clipper blades.

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Step 1: Remove

After each clip or trim you will want to clean your blade off. To properly clean your blade, you will need to remove it from the clipper. Depending on your clipper’s blade type, this can be done in a myriad of ways. First, identify which blade type you have below and follow the corresponding instructions.

Blade Icons-01Adjustable: [Image 1] Remove the two blade screws from the blade set. You will want to do this carefully because once the blades have loosened, they will want to fall away. Remove both blades from the clipper.


Blade Icons-025-in-1 Blade: [Image 2] Set your blade to the #40 setting (the shortest cut length). Place the blade against the palm of your hand and use the thumb on your other hand to push the blade away from the clipper. Your blade should pop right off. You do not need to unscrew your 5-in-1 blade to remove it.


Blade Icons-04Detachable Blade: [Image 3] On the back of your clipper, there is a blade release button. Push this in and gently pull your blade away from the clipper. You will then be able to easily lift the blade off the blade lever. You do not need to unscrew your detachable blade to remove it.

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Step 2: Clean

Most clipper kits include a small cleaning brush to get any loose hair that may have accumulated between the blade and clipper. A spare unused toothbrush will also work if your kit did not include a cleaning brush. Use the cleaning brush to remove loose hair and build up from your blades. To remove build up that has gathered down in the blades, you can use a piece of card stock paper, a pipe cleaner, or even canned air to remove the fur. Once you’re done cleaning, reattach the blade to your clipper. For Adjustable blades, re-center your blades and screw into place. For 5-in-1 and Detachable blades, gently snap back into place.


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Step 3: Disinfect

Use Wahl Clini-Clip® cleaner and disinfectant after each use to effectively kill and remove bacteria, viruses, and fungi in one easy spray. After unplugging your clipper from its power source, hold your clipper downward and spray generously onto the blades. Let the spray sit on your blades for no more than 2 minutes before wiping off the excess with a soft cloth. For additional information, reference the instructions on your Wahl Clini-Clip® bottle.


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Step 4: Oil

Oil, oil, oil! Blades should be oiled frequently using Wahl Blade Oil to reduce friction that causes heat, prevent rust, run smooth, and ensure long life. Using the 5-Point oiling method, place 3 drops of oil along the top of the blade teeth at the left corner, right corner, and center of the blade. Turn the clipper to its side and place 1 drop of oil at the heel of the top blade. Repeat with 1 drop of oil on the other side. Let the clipper run for a few seconds to allow the oil to work its way into the blade set. Wipe away any excess oil using a soft cloth.

Not all Blade Oils, Disinfectants, and Cooling Sprays are created equal!

Each clipper and blade company has their own formulations for Blade Oil, Disinfectant, and Cooling Sprays that are tested and certified for their products. Utilizing any other blade care items may shorten the life span and use of your blades, clippers, and guide combs, and could lead to a voided warranty. In order avoid break down, corrosion, or build-up, we suggest you only utilize Wahl brand blade care items on Wahl blades.

Pro Tip: Did you know clipper blades can be sharpened? When your blade starts to dull, contact either the manufacturer’s service center or an authorized clipper and blade servicing center in your area. For Wahl blades, you can either contact Wahl’s Service Center at 1-800-PRO-WAHL or contact one of their Master Service Centers.


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