To remove a detachable blade from a clipper:

On the back of your clipper, there is a blade release button. Push this in and gently pull your blade away from the clipper. You will then be able to easily lift the blade off of the blade lever.

To clean a detachable blade:

After removing the blade from the clipper, you may find quite a bit of pet hair packed into the back of your blade. Remove any fur you find from the blade and the clipper. Your clipper kit includes a small cleaning brush which you may find helpful for getting the fine hair stuck in the tight niches. You may also find canned air to be very helpful for reaching hair your cleaning brush cannot.

To attach a detachable blade to a clipper:

Take your new blade and slide it onto the blade lever. Before continuing, turn your clipper on. With the clipper running, snap your blade into place. Having the clipper running helps the blade to align properly with the clipper's drive finger, which is the component that propels your blade. If the blade does not properly align with the drive finger, it will not function properly. Good news - it is very easy to tell if your blade is out of alignment by the sound! If your blade is really loud and rattling, chances are you just need to repeat the steps above. 

Once you have removed fur and dirt from your blade, you may use a disinfectant spray, such as Wahl's Clini-Clip. Spray Clini-Clip directly onto your blade and let it sit for 2 minutes (and only 2 minutes!). Wipe away any excess. 

After disinfecting, you will want to oil your blades. Place 3 drops of oil across the teeth of your blades and 2 drops of oil on each side where the bottom of the top blade meets the bottom blade. Turn your clipper on to allow the oil to work its way down through the blade. Wipe away any excess. 

Wahl's detachable blades come in a variety of sizes ranging from #3F to a super surgical #50 and also include an extra wide #10 for quick shave downs and X-Block and X-Blend blades for cattle fitting. These blades can be used with Wahl's KM Cordless, KM10, KM5, KM2, KM2 Deluxe, Power Grip, SS-Pro, Stable Pro Plus, and X-Block clippers. 


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