To remove a detachable blade from a clipper:

On the back of your clipper, there is a blade release button. Push this in and gently pull your blade away from the clipper. You will then be able to easily lift the blade off of the blade lever.

To attach a detachable blade to a clipper:

Take your new blade and slide it onto the blade lever. Before continuing, turn your clipper on. With the clipper running, snap your blade into place. Having the clipper running helps the blade to align properly with the clipper's drive finger, which is the component that propels your blade. If the blade does not properly align with the drive finger, it will not function properly. Good news - it is very easy to tell if your blade is out of alignment by the sound! If your blade is really loud and rattling, chances are you just need to repeat the steps above. 

To attach a guide comb to your detachable blade:

Hook the comb under the bottom of the blade. Gently pull the comb up and slide it over the top of the blade teeth. The stainless steel comb teeth will hook around the top of the blade. 

To remove a guide comb from your detachable blade:

Simply lift the comb up over the blade teeth to unhook the comb and then the comb will easily fall away from the blade.

Wahl's detachable blades come in a variety of sizes ranging from #3F to a super surgical #50 and also include an extra wide #10 for quick shave downs and X-Block and X-Blend blades for cattle fitting. These blades can be used with Wahl's KM Cordless, KM10, KM5, KM2, KM2 Deluxe, Power Grip, SS-Pro, Stable Pro Plus, and X-Block clippers. 


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Stainless Steel Guide Combs
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